What is PukkaTeam?

Last updated by isev support on March 30, 2020 11:33

PukkaTeam is a team presence tool. With remote work and distributed teams becoming more and more popular, it's becoming increasingly common for teams to be separated by time and location, leaving some team members on their own. Even for large organisations where workers come together, teams are sometimes spread over a building or across a campus.

Staying connected with your team is more than just knowing they're on the end of the phone or can be interrupted easily with a video call. Team presence is super important and sometimes you don't realise just how important until it's gone.

Human contact is vital, emails and instant messages don't cut it. Video conferences are good for short periods, but sometimes you just need to know that others are 'around'. When you're separated and need some motivation, sometimes it can be just enough to know that your team is there and working hard, just like you.

That's what PukkaTeam is for, it brings distributed teams closer, it gives everyone on your team regular and real-time updates on your physical presence and availability. It's perfect for making sure someone is at their desk before you call them or checking their availability before you Slack them.

On top of that, we're adding quick access to help you interact even more quickly, like simpler video calling or Slack a teammate, increased team presence and more.

When your team is a PukkaTeam, they've never been closer.